Origins of the West Semitic Alphabet (Charts)


bethany: Is Ghah, (picture of a rope) part of the alphabet? What is the history of how it is included on the Ancient Hebrew alphabet chart? Oct 19, 2014 20:23:02 GMT -5
Seeker of the Truth: Shalom Bethany, good question. I would however post it as a thread in the Alphabet file, because there is no room for a conversation in the shout box. :) Oct 20, 2014 11:59:22 GMT -5
chilkyah: Shalowm, my name is Yahchannan Chilkiah and i live in mexico city, torati is not from man, not thure man but thrue shaal, darash weh daphaq= galah, amen. Nov 11, 2014 13:24:56 GMT -5
zecheriyah: Shalom, Hola, & Howdie. Nov 11, 2014 13:31:54 GMT -5
chilkyah: thrue delve, scrutiny,inquisition pesitently, i receive discernment that the name jesus = iesus = id est sus = this is zeus. This conclusion relates to the fact the chiristianism was diffused in latia language, that is latin and neing this, in acts 14:12 Nov 11, 2014 13:38:50 GMT -5
chilkyah: ( sorry the word is persistently ). Barnabas they called zeus and Shaul they called Appolos, concording with the fatc that zeus is the gos of heven, thunder, god of all gods, and god crator of all mankind. Nov 11, 2014 13:41:59 GMT -5
chilkyah: shallowm shabbat riachem, please enlight ragard "DOGS" why are they so despised by hebrews. Nov 21, 2014 12:38:10 GMT -5
magnusolu: please draw MS for me in Ancient Hebrew Nov 22, 2014 11:50:07 GMT -5
doctorate: shalom everybody! Nov 26, 2014 6:57:37 GMT -5
doctorate: I am from Iraq, mother tongue is Arabic, I want some advises on learning Hebrew to read the Bible Nov 26, 2014 6:58:48 GMT -5
doctorate: Which rout would be easier for me to start with Hebrew via Arabic (I noticed much similarity) or Hebrew via English? How long does it take to start decipher what in the Bible? Would Hebrew help decipher Greek of the NT or is as good as Hebrew via English? Nov 26, 2014 7:17:35 GMT -5
zecheriyah: To all of the above posters, I recommend opening a thread should you want to receive responses. Shalom. Nov 26, 2014 12:17:31 GMT -5
joehoffmann: Jeff discussed man being the tinder in the fire, ( I'm trying to follow "fire" or esh through the scriptures and I'm having a hard time finding a concurrence that man is tinder. Any answers? Nov 27, 2014 10:03:44 GMT -5 *
Seeker of the Truth: Jeff is perhaps describing the similarity between the Hebrew word אש esh "fire" and the word איש ish "man." Jeff says that they come from the same parent root, אש ash. Nov 27, 2014 23:40:38 GMT -5
doctorate: Shalom Seeker, Shalom zecheriyah Nov 28, 2014 13:45:41 GMT -5
doctorate: , yep, it is by Edward's Lane so you have it. Nov 28, 2014 13:46:42 GMT -5
doctorate: Nov 28, 2014 13:47:30 GMT -5
doctorate: the same canon of King James Version Nov 28, 2014 13:47:47 GMT -5
entte: i'm new here (also quite new to a forum like this) and want to introduce myself, but am not sure how all this works. Is this "shout box" where i am supposed to introduce myself and if yes, is this also the place to ask a question? Dec 1, 2014 13:30:08 GMT -5
entte: ok, found the place i'm supposed to introduce myself... Dec 1, 2014 13:35:06 GMT -5